R & D

Research and Development


Applied research on all aspects of cattle breeding, frozen semen, Genomic Selection and fodder production is being carried out.

The following are the major fields in which trials are undertaken.

  • Selection of bulls based on genomic selection
  • Selection of Proven bulls based on performance of progenies
  • Genotype X Environment interaction of bulls
  • Conservation methodology suitable for indigenous livestock
  • Selection of cows according to individual performance on production, reproduction and growth.
  • Selection of bulls based on the various aspects of semen production.
  • Studies on the reproductive performance of Sunandini bulls
  • Dilution methods for semen processing in cattle, buffaloes, bucks and boars.
  • Field studies on the productive and reproductive performance of Sunandini cows.
  • Setting up of effective models for sire evaluation under field conditions.
  • Studies on the computation of lactation yields from part lactation records.
  • Studies on the genetic gain through breeding and selection.
  • Embryo technology for genetic improvement.
  • Developing methodology for freezing of buck and boar semen
  • Effect of sperm concentration on fertility using frozen semen
  • StudiesĀ onĀ the selection of suitable fodder varieties for different agro climatic conditions.
  • Studies on fodder seed production.
  • Quality control systems for fodder seeds.
  • Different management practices for fodder production in Kerala.
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