Objectives and Responsibilities


Kerala Livestock Development Board
  • To provide the inputs required for cattle breeding in line with the breeding policy of the State
  • To  promote  fodder production under   field condition  to support   economic  milk production
  • To offer   training courses in animal husbandry and fodder production.
  • To develop Malabari goats through the production and supply of selected breeding stock.
  • To produce and supply good quality piglets for breeding and fattening.


The activities of the Board are carried out by the two technical wings  viz :Animal  Husbandry and Fodder Development.

Animal Husbandry wing

Major Responsibilities
  • Management of around 800 heads of cattle in 5 cattle breeding farms.
  • Production of 80 crossbred young bulls annually through a systematically laid out nominated mating of the elite cows with proven bulls.
  • Procurement of about 80 superior male calves, born to elite cows mated with proven bulls from the farmer’s herd in the milk recorded area.
  • Selection and management of about 160 breeding bulls.
  • Management of about 20 pedigreed Murrah buffalo bulls for semen production.
  • Production of about 3.0 million doses of frozen semen annually.
  • Quality control of frozen semen.
  • Applied research on cattle breeding and frozen semen technology.
  • Implementation of the breeding policy of the state by way of supplying frozen semen of suitable genetic makeup under a definite scientifically formulated bull rotation programme.
  • Supply of about 1.5 million doses of frozen  semen (cattle and buffalo) to over 2900 AI  centers spread across the state through the 7 Regional Semen Banks.
  • Sale of around 1 million doses  of  frozen  semen outside the State.
  • Procurement and supply of 0.75 million litres of  liquid  nitrogen (LN)  annually   to over 2900 AI centers for  storage and preservation of semen.
  • Study on the production and reproduction parameters of about 3000 Sunandini cows in the field every year  through an  established Field Performance Recording system.
  • Evaluation and selection of young Sunandini bulls through the Progeny Testing Scheme.
  • To produce High Genetic Merit disease free CBHF bull calves for the frozen semen production stations all over India under National Dairy Plan
  • Selective breeding of Vechur cattle
  • Conservation of Indigenous livestock, goats & pigs
  • Genomic selection of breeding bulls
  • Training in various fields of livestock production.
  • Liaison with the Department of Animal Husbandry for the successful implementation of the breeding programme of the state.
  • Application of the Embryo Transfer technique and IVF in the bull production programme.
  • Management of a herd of about 200 Malabari and 50 Boer goats & supplying high quality breeding stock to the farmers
  • Building up of breeding stock required for the production of about 1500 piglets to be supplied to the farmers.

Fodder Development Wing

Major Responsibilities
  • Fodder production  in the Board farms as per requirements
  • Conduct of trials for the selection of suitable varieties of grasses, legumes and fodder trees.
  • Management trials with selected fodder varieties.
  • Production of foundation seeds from the selected fodder varieties  in the Board farms and seed multiplication in the field through  registered seed growers
  • Procurement, testing, quality control, processing, storage of fodder seeds and formulation of seed mixtures for different requirements.
  • Marketing of seeds and fodder slips through various developmental agencies.
  • Promotion of fodder and fodder seeds, demonstration of the package of practices, follow up and feed back.
  • Liaison with other agencies of the State in the field of fodder development.
  • Training in various fields of fodder production.
  • Implementation of farmer oriented schemes
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