The Board has emerged as a model organization in designing and implementation of  a planned breeding programme under tropical conditions.  The Sunandini breed was evolved from a foundation stock of zebu and taurus cattle through systematic selection.  Today, the Board has grown as one of the largest frozen semen producers in the country.  The field AI programme using deep frozen semen, which started in a modest way during  1967-68 was expanded in a phased manner, and by the end of March 2019,  the Board  was supplying  frozen semen to 2939 AI centres covering the entire state.  Accurate sire selection methods like progeny testing were employed by the Board from as early as 1977.  MOET is being used in the bull production programme of the Board since 1992, complementary to the existing selection programme.  The goat unit, started on an experimental basis during the year 1990 at Kulathupuzha was later transferred to Dhoni and further expanded.    Boer goats imported from Australia were added to the existing Malabari stock during 2001-02. Freezing   of buck semen was successfully done and frozen semen AI applied in the goat breeding centre.  Frozen semen of selected Malabari bucks is being distributed to around 1000 AI centres in the State. Limited quantities of frozen semen doses are also available for sale outside State.

A Pig Breeding Centre has been established by the Board at Koothattukulam (Ernakulam district) as Joint Venture with Meat Products of India for supplying breeding stock to the satellite breeding units and quality piglets for finishing farms. Annually about 1000 piglets/pigs are being sold to needy farmers/agencies.

In the field of fodder development, the Board has identified and multiplied improved species of grasses and legumes for popularizing fodder cultivation. The seed produced is being subjected to strict quality control before marketing.

The technological developments in the field of livestock production and fodder development could be conveyed to the implementing agencies, viz., the state departments and other semi governmental organizations, through    training   programmes in   various   related disciplines. The livestock development programme being carried out by the Board has attracted the attention of many states and there has been a continuous flow of trainees to the training courses organized by the Board from within and outside of the State.
The training centers at Mattupatti and Dhoni had been accredited  by the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India.

The Board is one of the four approved testing stations for AI equipments and consumables in India.

Major achievements of the Board


Animals Maintained

Cattle 1112
Buffaloes 12
Malabari goats 426
Boer goats 18
Sirohi goats 13
Pigs 556

Frozen Semen

Produced 3486295
Sold in Kerala 1602686
Sold outside Kerala 762147
Al centers supplied with Frozen Semen and Liquid Nitrogen (With the State) 2955
Al centers supplied with Goat  semen 1000
Goat frozen Semen Produced          72975
Goat Frozen Semen Sold (In Kerala) 52524
Goat Frozen Semen Sold(Outside Kerala) 2284
Sex  sorted semen sold in Kerala 760


Embryos collected 295
Embryo transferred 116
Cows enrolled under milk recording in the Progeny Testing areas 5084
Male calves purchased from the field 27
Piglets produced 1797
Piglets distributed 1666
Training done 287
Calves produced 326

Fodder Seeds

Fodder Seeds produced/procured (MT) 35.83
Fodder Seeds sold (MT) 9.09
Foundation Seeds produced  (Kg) 439.75
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