Government Orders

Sl No: Subject Government Orders
1 Formation of ISPK with HQ at Mattupatti Sept. 1963 – Bilateral agreement
2 Declaring Indian Director, ISPK as Head of Department G.O. Ms.No. 693/64/Agri. dated 19.10.64
3 Prescribing the qualification and method of appointment for various posts in ISP G.O. Ms.No. 174/67/Agri. dated 11.05.67
4 Engagement of 50 Inseminators on contract G.O. Ms.No. 220/68/Agri. dated 16.04.68
5 Regularisation of temporary workers of ISP G.O. Rt.No. 178/70 /Agri. dated 18.04.70
6 Special Employment Programme of Kerala for 1972-73 – Dairy Development Schemes for improving milk production potential of cows (SEP) G.O. Ms.No. 278/72/AD dated 21.08.1972
7 Declaration of ISPK as a de facto separate Department and option of employees obtained G.O. Ms.No. 104/74/Agri. dated 29.03.74
8 Finalization of seniority list of ISP department G.O. Ms.No. 34/75/Agri. dated 07.02.75
9 Formation of KLD & MM Board G.O. Ms.No. 196/75/AD dated 25.06.1975
10 KLD & MMB – transfer of functions and units from Dept. of AH, DD & ISPK from 01.05.1976 G.O. Ms.No. 157/76/AD dated 24.04.76
11 Introduction of EPF Scheme in KLD & MMB 1977-78
12 Clarification on the status of ISP employees under KLD & MMB G.O. Rt.No. 440/77 /AD dated 05.02.1977
13 PT scheme approved by GOI Letter no. 45-131-LDT dated 18/03/1977
14 Appointments in the Board referred to PSC G.O. Rt.No. 419/72 /GAD dated 25.07.79
15 Government decision regarding financing the non commercial operations of KLD & MMB (ISP with all its farms and extension programme) G.O. Ms.No. 342/79/AD dated 01.09.79
16 Sanction to follow KSR in the case of ISP employees until finalization of option G.O. Ms.No. 170/81/AD dated 01.05.81
17 Introduction of standing orders for worker category employees Proceedings of certifying officer No. H3-12242/81 dated 03.07.82(09.08.82)
18 Merger of commercial units of KLD & MMB with the KCMMF G.O. Ms.No. 35/83/AD dated 15.02.83
19 Renaming KLD & MMB as KLDB Certificate of Incorporation of the Registrar of companies dated 09.02.89
20 Introduction of payment system for the products supplied to AHD with effect from 01.04.90 (Commercialization) G.O. Ms.No. 42/90/AD dated 20.02.90
21 Introduction of new staff structure w.e.f 01.04.90 G.O. Ms.No. 181/90/AD dated 26.06.90
22 Posting of CEO from the cadre of Board employee G.O. Rt.No. 1022/90 /AD dated 27.06.90
23 Introduction of staff rules & regulations for Board employees G.O. Ms.No. 408/94/AD dated 23.11.94
24 Decision to treat the ISP employees as deemed deputationists G.O. Rt.No. 510/95 /AD dated 27.03.95
25 Settlement of assets and liabilities with GOK & KCMMF G.O. Ms.No. 239/98/AD dated 07.11.98
26 Assignment of land for starting PBC and Approval for the PBC programme G.O. Ms.No. 70/98/AD dated 27.03.98
27 General orders regarding payment of pension to ISP employees and authorization to DAH G.O. Ms.No. 29/98/AD dated 28.01.98
28 Waiver for remittance of pension contribution for the grant in aid period (up to 31.03.90) G.O. Rt.No. 353/99 /AD dated 05.03.99
29 Transfer of Kolahalamedu farm to KAU G.O. Ms.No. 65/2000/RD dated 08.03.2000
30 GoK decision naming the KLDB as state implementing agency for the NPCBB No. 48051/AHF1/97/AD dated 04.02.02 of GoK
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