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Sl No Tender Last Date Links
Notice Inviting e-Tenders for  Civil and Electrical works 05/05/2018 Click Here
1 Tender Form for the Construction of Parking facility outside the bio security zone of the Central  Semen Bank at Dhoni,  Palakkad. 02.05.2018 Click Here
2 Tender Form for the Installation of Lighting Protection System, at the JV Project, MPI Koothattukulam, Ernakulam 02.05.2018 Click Here
3 Tender Notice for Civil Works 02.05.2018 Click Here
4 E-Tender Notice for the Supply of  French Mini Straws. 07.05.2018 Click Here
5 E-Tender Notice for the Supply of individually packed Non-Split type AI Sheaths. 07.05.2018 Click Here

6 Re-tender notice and form for the fabrication and supply of Aluminium Goblets 05.05.2018 Click Here
7 Global E tender  for   Sex Sorted  Bovine Frozen  Semen Straws 14.06.2018 Click Here
8 E-Tender Notice for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning (SITC) of  Fire Fighting System 24.04.2018 Click Here
9 Tender Notice for the Supply of  blanket, Rain coat & Gumboot 09.05.2018 Click Here
10 Short Re-Quotation Notice 20.04.2018 Click Here
11 Short Tender Notice for Transportation of Vehicle 26.04.2018 Click Here
12 E-tender (Re-tender) notice for the supply and installation of Air Shower 21.04.2018 Click Here
13 Auction Notice 25.04.2018 Click Here

Notice Inviting e-Tender (Re-tender) for the asupply and installation of Air Shower